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Do you want to get your Dutch drivers license?

Welcome to the website of driving school ‘Rijschool Expert’. Since our start 10 years ago we have welcomed many expatriates and international students whom have attended our special driving courses and trainings. To obtain a Dutch driver license you need to succesfully pass:

  1. a theoritcal  exam
  2. and a practical driving exam at the Central Office for Motor Vehicle Driver Testing (CBR)

Our team consists of several English speaking, qualified and certified instructors who could help you:

  • get theory books in English
  • pass the theory exams for the car
  • obtain a Dutch driver license for cars

Our driving courses are aimed at beginners as well as those who require a quick brush-up of proficiency. For more information about our driving courses please read further.


Making an informed choice

Our car driving programs are especially developed for English speaking expatriates and international students that want to get their Dutch driver license. As a new course participant we provide you different solutions like 3 discount packages, 2 all in packages and even separate driving lessons. Depending on your theory knowledge and driving experience you can choose from one of those solutions that we listed out further below.

Before starting your driving lessons we offer you the following service to make an informed choise:

  1. an one hour driving lesson free of charge to get acquainted with our services
  2. a free intake to express your needs and wishes regarding the driving courses
  3. a personal advice from our expert instructor based on your driving skills and personal preferences

Please make use of the form below on the web page to sign up for a free driving lesson or call us at 071 512 82 92 for more information and personal advice!


Solution 1: separate driving lessons and exams

Introduction course
Free introduction lesson
Free intake & personal advies
Separate lessons
60 minutes lessons
Top driving instructors
Theory Exam
Required by the CBR
Theory book €85,-
We submit the application

Cost of the different exams

The practical exam is the crucial moment when your skill will be tested. Below you will find the rates for the various theory and practical exams.

Interim Test
Testing your driving skills
Evaluation & improvement plan
Increases your succes rate at the CBR
Practical Exam CBR
Including car
Including health certificate
Including supervision
Retake Practical Exam
Evaluation & improvement plan
Including car
Including health certificate
Evaluation & improvementplan
Including car
Including health certificate
Anxiety Exam
Time-out during exam
Increase succes rate

Solution 2:  Discount Packages  (driving lessons + exam)

Below you will find carefully composed and inexpensive, standard packages to get your driver license quick and cheap. Each package depends on your driving skills and experience. After the free introduction lesson and intake we advice a certain package or you can choose your own. Our personal advice is ment to let you succeed at once. The packages include driving lessons and the practical exam at the CBR. Please browse through the various packages to get an idea.

Package PRO
10 lessons
equivalent to €42,-p.h.
Practical exam
Package Xpert
20 lessons
equivalent to €41,50,- p.h.
Practical exam
Package Regular
30 lessons
equivalent to €39,50,- p.h.
Practical exam
Package Beginner
40 lessons
equivalent to €38,- p.h.
Practical exam

Solution 3: All-in Packages

At Driving School Expert, we provide All-in Packages. These packages include driving lessons, a theory book, the theory exam, the interim test and finally the practical driving test at the Central Office for Motor Vehicle Driver Testing (CBR) . Wondering which package fits your situation? Call us on 071 512 82 92 or fill in the form below for a free introduction lesson.

All-in Package A
Best buy for beginners
30 lessons
equivalent to €39,50,- p.h.
Theory book
Theory exam
Interim test
Praktical exam
All-in Package B
Recommended for beginners
40 lessons
Equivalent to €35,95,- p.h.
Theory book
Theory exam
Interim test
Practical exam

Meer informatie?

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